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Quality Control


Our business and our customers business is built on repeat purchases from satisfied consumers.

Consistent and high product quality is therefore our highest priority.

We recognise that Quality and Customer Service satisfaction go hand in hand


Our Quality Management system is built around the principles of HACCP and GMP and these standards are reflected throughout the manufacturing process and the end products themselves


We carry out extensive analysis of our products including microbiological testing, from raw materials to completed goods. Within this we conduct continuous in-house testing on tablet performance against the key criteria of solubility, hardness and sweetness/flavour levels


The Sweetener Company is approved by household names who are used to operating to pharmaceutical standards


All our staff are NVQ trained in food hygiene and regular training programmes take place to ensure that they maintain up-to-date knowledge of relevant quality requirements


We retain a world leading expert on the table-top sweetener category as a consultant, for advice on sensitive or complex issues relating to blending, ingredient reactions and sophisticated formulations, with full backwards and forwards traceability


Our factory is BRC certified and has recently received the highest level of IFS approval. This provides our customers with confidence and major reassurance in terms of their own due diligence procedures and underpin our own customers commitment to food safety, quality and legality


The BRC global standard for food and the IFS are UK and European food safety standards recognised as ensuring the highest levels of good manufacturing process, quality control and HACCP standards.

Quality and Customer Service

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